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Circle Of Friends Productions, LLC.

Phone: (310) 305-8411

Fax: (310) 577-3790

Mail Address
4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #398
Valley Village, CA 91607

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Rami Hajar

Advisor / Circle Of Friends Productions

Rami Hajar co-founded Relativity Music whose scores for Universal Studios included Salt with Angelina Jolie, Repo Man, Dear John, A Single Man, Zombieland, The Spy Next Door and Love Happens. He is an established executive in many facets of the entertainment industry including distribution (terrestrial and digital), A&R, production, business development / administration, film packaging, marketing and publishing, plus owned and operated a state of the art recording studio.

Mr. Hajar also owns Firstar Music and provided his expertise to Universal/MCA, Relativity Media, Sony Music, Loud Records, Thump Holdings/UMVD, Interscope Records, Profile Records, and Island/Def Jam, etc. He has launched and guided the careers of many artists including Tupac Shakur, WilmerValderrama, Xzibit, Patti Label, Tommy Lee, 50 Cent, Sean Kingston, and many others.

Mr. Hajar, Co-Founder / CEO of IP Network Systems (www.ipnetworksystems.com), has been an advocate for the integration of the digital distribution platform since 1993, and has progressively furnished this insight and distribution platform to his clients and affiliate media companies. Mr. Hajars’ "soft ware as a service"(SAAS) company, IPNetwork Systems, has developed sets of API’s designed to streamline the digital distribution process.

Rami Hajar supervised the music for Producer / UPM Danelle Hand on two projects for Marvel Studios, using the amazing talents of composer Paul Okenfold and the Mexico City Philharmonic.