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Circle Of Friends Productions, LLC.

Phone: (310) 305-8411

Fax: (310) 577-3790

Mail Address
4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #398
Valley Village, CA 91607

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Allen Maris

Advisor / Circle Of Friends Productions

Allen Maris began his career in Visual Effects in 1997 on the film, Blade. Following that film, he acted as VFX Data Coordinator and Production Coordinator on The Time Machine and Men In Black 2, among others. He received his first Visual Effects Producing credit in 2004, working alongside Kimberly Nelson-LoCascio on The Chronicles Of Riddick.

After completing three movies with Paramount Pictures, fulfilling various VFX Producer roles, including Senior Visual Effects Producer on Charlotte’s Web, Allen was hired on staff at Paramount where he served for two years as Executive Director, Feature Production Management, VFX. During that time, he was heavily involved in contract negotiations, script breakdowns and the daily management of over 30 films—many times serving as the de facto VFX Producer.

Upon departing Paramount, Allen returned to freelance production, starting with Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. He oversaw 900 shots on the film and received a Best Supporting Visual Effects nomination from the Visual Effects Society in 2011.

Allen has just completed his second film with Ridley, Prometheus, producing 1300 visual effects shots spread across 10 vendors on four continents.