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Circle Of Friends Productions, LLC.

Phone: (310) 305-8411

Fax: (310) 577-3790

Mail Address
4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #398
Valley Village, CA 91607

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About Our Company

It is the mission of Circle of Friends Productions, LLC to produce profitable, entertaining films of the highest quality that also bring social awareness of those less fortunate.

Circle of Friends Productions, LLC was founded by Danelle Hand and RJ Hume. The experience between these two film makers spans over 40 years in the film and television industry with their combined expertise covering the producing, developing and technical aspects of movie making and documentaries. Through the award-winning writing of Ms. Hand, the company has an impressive library of entertaining scripts which combines smart, thought- provoking material with memorable characters and broad comedic flare. Her exceptional storytelling has been gaining recognition in the industry among producers, crew members and executives alike and has attracted the talent of award-winning and well-known actors such as Robin Williams, Emma Thompson, Sam Elliott, Dianne Weist, Ray Liotta, James Garner, Dakota Fanning, Martin Short, Hilary Duff, Jason London and Claire Danes

Circle of Friends Productions, LLC is designed to produce profitable, entertaining films that also recognize and provide benefits to socially conscious organizations such as Home Hospice, feeding the hungry, saving the last herds of Wild Mustangs, and providing medical relief abroad. Each film has a philanthropic sub-story that heightens social awareness and each DVD includes not only fun and exclusive Behind the Scenes interviews and footage, but the unique addition of a documentary about the organization each film highlights.

Circle of Friends Productions, LLC has the support of award-winning artists in the film industry and is gaining popularity at a rare and exceptionally fast pace. With an eye toward bringing highly profitable films to the screen, COF focuses on producing entertaining storylines at a moderate production cost and is in the unique position of hiring actors and crew who not only provide the highest quality work but also are some of the most recognized in the industry.