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Dream FetchersDREAM FETCHERS is an organization that brings specially trained movie dogs into hospitals and schools to perform for ill and handicapped children. This non-profit 501C organization gives children a magical opportunity to interact with the canine stars of some of their favorite movies and television shows including, “Hannah Montana”, “That’s So Raven”, “Dirty Sexy Money”, “Karate Kid”, “Mission Impossible 3” and the upcoming “Mean Cuisine.” Through interacting with the animals, the children experience the joy and unconditional love of being accepted despite their disabilities and get a wonderful distraction from the pain, depression and frustration that are an everyday part of these childrens’ lives. Our program gives them a chance to forget about troubles for a couple hours and just be kids.

All of our dogs are rescued from shelters or from the streets. With the dedication of skilled and caring trainers, the dogs learn numerous tricks, wear special clothes and work with other species of animals. Besides being entertained by the movie dog show, the kids learn the “behind the scenes” training that goes into each scene and later get a chance to pet and hold the dogs.

Although DREAM FETCHERS currently operates near our facilities in South California, we are looking for sponsors to help expand our “Movie Magic” to children nationwide. We would welcome dog products, money and an RV to bring the animals and trainers to cities and towns across America.

P.O. Box 650
Lake Hughes, Ca 93532
Tel: 661.724.2201
Fax: 661.724.2252


Teddy soon to star in Mean Cuisine This is Teddy who will be co-starring with
Martin Short in the movie “Mean Cuisine”.